“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller –


Are you working on, planning or developing an online learning or education project but are lacking the education content, resources, assets, funding, corporate infrastructure or education partners that might help to make it a success?

Would 20+ years of knowledge, education market presence and expertise in the U.S. and international education market help you achieve your aims and ambitions?

Have you considered that one or more education partners or educational partnerships might help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently?

The global education and online learning market is potentially significant in size, and potentially very lucrative, but it is certainly not the easiest of fields in which to operate profitably and successfully.

Zane is one of the few K-12 education companies that remains in operation since the birth of electronic education in the 1990’s. Subsequently, we have been involved in educational software, curriculum education content since 1995, and online learning since 2005. This track record provides us with a rich and enviable resource of market knowledge, innovation, expertise and international experience. It is for these reasons that many would consider Zane as an ideal choice of potential education partners.

Employing staff with the reliability, commitment, passion and proven background in education and online learning can be difficult and expensive. And the licensing of K-12 education content to enable a company to have an involvement in online learning is a similar challenge. Yet many of these academic and commercial challenges can be overcome in an educational partnership with suitably experienced and asset-rich education partners.

Education partners can mean the difference between success and failure.

Appropriately structured education partnerships, where each of the parties is able to contribute IP assets, resources, expertise, and experience, offers many benefits. Education partnerships also have the potential of making the challenge of achieving a shared goal significantly easier, quicker, and much more cost-effective.

The benefits offered by either formal or informal educational partnerships can include; collaboration, tax advantages, cost efficiencies, simple operating structure, flexibility, uniform laws and acquisition of capital.

Zane will always be prepared to discuss education partnerships with those committed to making a difference in education and online learning. We have the ability to bring to the negotiating table; a brand that has been established in the education market since 1995, a vast resource of online learning teaching and testing resources, and a hand-on knowledge and expertise within many of the niches within the education market. We are a business that has a passion to improve education for the next generation.

We also control an existing US publicly-listed company structure which offers the opportunity for increased market profile, a much effective route to raising additional investment funding, greater growth potential, and the benefits associated with having the public market value your business.

If you believe there might be the potential to use what Zane can bring to the table as one of your education partners, then please take this opportunity to contact us.

What Zane Brings as Education Partners to Educational Partnerships

  • Established Brand since 1995
  • Educational Software 20 years
  • Online Learning 10+ years
  • K12 Teaching/Testing Content
  • U.S. Listed Public Company
  • EdTech Resources
  • Joint Venture Structures
  • Educational Market Expertise
  • Commitment to Educational Innovation
  • K12 Market Knowledge & Research
  • Corporate Administration and Operations

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