“If you want happiness for a lifetime, help the next generation.”‘
– Ancient Chinese Proverb –


Zane provides a discrete education philanthropy support and advisory service for education philanthropists and philanthropic educational and business investors that have an interest in wanting to make a difference by improving our system of education for future generations. Education can one of the most effective and fulfilling ways to make that difference, especially where the under-privileged and special needs are involved.

However many investors or education philanthropists are either unsure how best to go about doing that, or they simply do not have the time themselves. If you are one of those individuals, Zane can help.

Zane has the 20+ year involvement and track record in education and online learning that enables us to understand how and where that investment will have the greatest effect and, bring the greatest benefits.

Education philanthropy and education philanthropists can be the key to ensuring that many, many thousands of young students have access to the educational they need.

Often we do not charge for the education philanthropy services we provide because we share your aims and ambitions, preferring instead to see that investment made where it will do the most good. Whenever we are approached to provide these specialist education philanthropy support and advisory services, we examine each proposal on it’s own merits, and make a decision in regards to our involvement accordingly.

We are able to work both directly and discretely with the education philanthropist or philanthropic investors that have a desire to maintain their anonymity. We can also work with those that appreciate a slightly more visible recognition for their efforts.

Education philanthropy and education philanthropists have the potential to work with Zane to achieve some of the greatest accomplishments in the world of education. However that is only possible in the real world where those providing the advisory and support services, share the same vision – and have the relevant track record and experience in education.


Zane can design and create dedicated Philanthropy Education Programs that enables education philanthropists to specifically target areas within education that they feel particularly passionate about helping with their donation or investment.

Zane is particularly invested in the area of Special Needs Education, a field in which literally hundreds of thousands of young students of all ages do not have access to the learning and educational resources they need to enable them to succeed and thrive in the more traditional environment of the classroom.

We are also particularly committed to providing the means and resources by which all students can identify and develop the natural skills and talents they they are born with, and create their own individual Education-to-Employment pathways enabling them to plan and map out, then and monitor their progress through school and college to eventual employment in careers to which they are best suited.

If you have an interest in Education Philanthropy, or are an Education Philanthropist, and would like to discuss our education philanthropy support and advisory services, or would like to explore a targeted Philanthropy Education Program to enable you to ensure that your philanthropic contribution goes to an area of education that is most important to you, why not take the time to contact us.

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