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Licensing Educational Content, Educational Materials and Resources

Zane owns and is licensing educational content and materials for K12 online learning that includes:

  • Educational resources and interactive content for delivery on your online learning platform or website.
  • Sub-titiled educational video. interactive quizzes and learning activities for your students.
  • K12 curriculum teaching and testing content.
  • Ideal for all K12 students including Special Education Needs and students learning English as a foreign language.
  • Save millions of dollars by licensing our library of curriculum education content instead of developing your own.

We are licensing educational content and educational materials suitable for K12 online learning that features and provides:

  • 260 K12 curriculum-aligned topics
  • Curriculum subjects : Art, Biology, Geography, Heath, History, Library Skills, Literature, Music, Religious Studies, Science, Social Sciences
  • Teaching and testing resources for each topic
  • Lesson planning guides
  • Additional supplemental video learning activities
  • 12,700 minutes of subtitled video
  • 23,000 multiple choice questions/answers with correct/incorrect answer explanations
  • Reference and research tools include a Concise Encyclopedia, Dictionary and Thesaurus to enhance the use of subtitles
  • Provides Visual Learning for classroom, home education, and a variety of special educational needs students
  • Enables students of all ages to improve their reading and literacy skills as they learn each topic
  • Provides significant unique benefits for all students learning English as Second Language
  • Designed to enable each student to learn at their own speed.
  • Advisory and support services

Licensing Educational Content and Materials vs Developing Content

Licensing educational content as opposed to developing it yourself, always provides a much more cost-effective, affordable and financially feasible option for a business entering into the field of online learning for the first time. It also offers the opportunity to launch a new project, create market awareness and establish cash-flow and revenues much faster than would otherwise be possible by developing your own content first.

Zane Publishing selectively provides a new online learning business, EdTech startup or new online K12 education provider, with the opportunity for licensing educational content that includes curriculum-aligned teaching and testing content to make early-stage profitability much more achievable.

Edtech and online education businesses planning to deliver online learning as a service usually encounter the early challenge of deciding whether to design and develop the curriculum education content needed themselves, or to license education content that has already been developed.

Developing your own education materials and resources is a particularly expensive option literally costing many millions of dollars – particularly if you hope to provide video or an interactive format. And it takes a significant investment of time.

The last 25 years have well demonstrated that those online learning and education companies that focus on the marketing and delivery of the educational content they have licensed from a third-party, enjoy a much greater chance of sustained profitability than those companies that have invested huge amounts of time and money in developing their own education content. The latter often quickly disappear.

Licensing educational content rather than developing it, improves early-stage profitability potential for business in the online learning market.

During the 1990’s when educational software first appeared, the majority of companies that rushed to invest into developing the first educational software, ceased to exist by the year 2000. There has been much evidence of exactly the same happening again over the last 15 years as startup companies competed to provide online learning. Many now no longer exist.

The situation might be best described by explaining that …. “investment in marketing produces an immediate return on investment, investment in development doesn’t”.

If your company understands the practicality of licensing the educational content and resources required rather than developing it, Zane is able to discuss the potential licensing of a significant library of our own K12 teaching and testing educational content and resources for 260+ curriculum topics that was designed and created to enable students of all ages to learn at their own speed.

Finally, for those that understand the academic and learning benefits of using appropriately captioned and subtitled video as an effective learning tool, we will introduce you to the unique form of subtitling that we use that assists all students to improve their reading and literacy skills as they study and learn each topic. Having the ability to control how long those subtitles remain onscreen and are able to read, and hear each word as they are spoken, offers unique benefits for those many students from different countries learning English as a Second Language.

If you have an interest in licensing educational content, materials and resources, we encourage you to Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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