“Most people see what is, and never see what can be”
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Our Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

Zane Publishing is an online education consultant and online learning consultant with experience and a direct involvement in both fields that dates back over 20 years.

Zane’s involvement in K12 education and educational software dates back to the mid 1990’s, and online learning since 2004. As online education consultant and online learning consultants we have a hands-on knowledge and expertise in virtually every stage of developing, delivering and marketing curriculum-aligned online learning.

We understand what is required to meet the needs and requirements of students in the classroom, those being home-schooled and home educated, and those kids with a range of special educational needs. And we understand how to deliver those solutions online to meet the needs of each of those widely differing markets. Organizations and companies with whom we work quickly discover that we bring an innovative and creative approach to innovating education, EdTech and online learning.

As an online education consultant and online learning consultants we particularly pride ourselves on bringing an ‘outside-the-square’ approach to identifying and providing innovative strategies and solutions to problems that regularly challenge companies attempting to enter and develop a profile and presence in online education and online learning.

What Makes Zane Unique as an Online Education Consultant?

Zane’s role as an online education consultant is enhanced by our previous involvements in both the U.S. and other international online learning markets. Understanding the differences between the needs and requirements of different geographically located education markets is crucial to those seeking market growth and an entry into other international markets.

We also have the benefit of both the knowledge of education and the online learning markets from an academic perspective, as well as the commercial experience and awareness of what is required to operate a business successfully in the education sector.

Being hands-on, committed and passionate education service providers ourselves, we understand that delivering what the customer actually needs – and a solution that provides a successful result, is more important and rewarding than simply hypothetical ideas and solutions.

Zane is an online education consultant that has always placed the highest priority on communicating with, and supporting our education customers. Great service makes a business, poor service usually breaks them, therefore we make a point of regularly speaking to schools, homeschoolers and particularly parents and teachers of children and students living with Special Education Needs. As a result this has provided us with a unique level of feedback from teachers, schools, tutors, homeschoolers and those working with those students with special educational needs. It matters to us that they – and their children and students, are being able to access and benefit from the best resources available.

For those organizations and companies using our online education consultant service, we also have the potential to provide additional K12 educational content and online learning resources if required.

Our Specializations as an Online Education Consultant

Zane’s online learning and education consulting services could be the key to your business achieving its goals.

As education consultants, one of Zane’s specializations is defining and targeting the specific niches within education. Unlike many, we do not see education as a single market. There are many niches within education and for any online learning provider, each needs to be targeted effectively – and provided with a solution that meets their specific needs and requirements.

Customer Service and Support is another area in which we specialize as education consultants. The customer that is impressed with the product and service you provide, will always end up talking about you. It is one of the most effective forms of free advertising for your business.

A third area in which Zane excels is our ability to consult on innovative and effective marketing strategies, both nationally and internationally. Understanding how and where to target your marketing in different countries requires a knowledge, expertise and cultural awareness that we have been able to develop over the last 3 decades.

Possibly Zane’s most valuable field of specialization exists within our approach to Innovation and Creativity. We want our solutions and strategies to play an essential part in improving education for future generations. As a result we prefer to selectively provide Zane’s education consulting services to only those that we believe will help bring about that improvement and progress. If you inspire us, we promise to inspire you.

Our Online Education Consultant Services

  • Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Concept Planning
  • Technical Advisory
  • Platform Selection
  • Market Identification
  • Target Marketing
  • Funding Strategies
  • Content Outsourcing
  • Administrative Planning
  • General Advisory
  • Joint Venture Structures
  • Partner Outsourcing

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