“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.”
– George Santayana –


Zane Education offers a unique, innovative and highly effective online visual learning service which provides online teaching and testing for 260+ K-12 curriculum topics across 11 different subjects.

The Zane Education online learning website provides:

  • Subtitled educational video
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Interactive video study tools
  • Lesson planning guides
  • . . .and resources providing significant learning benefits for all students including those with Special Educational Needs

Users that receive the greatest benefits from using include:

  • Visual Learners
  • Students living with Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties
  • Foreign students studying ESL and learning English as a Foreign Language
  • Students that benefit from being able to learn at their own speed.
  • Special Needs students that benefit from having the choice of learning by either watching, listening to, or reading each video presentation.
  • Homeschool and classroom students that require access to on-demand curriculum-aligned learning resources.
  • Students that need to improve their reading and literacy skills.

Schools, teachers, home educators, tutors, students and parents of children with Special Educational Needs have been using Zane Education’s visual learning solution and educational software in their homes and classrooms as a valuable and trusted teaching resource since before 2000.

Zane Education has become increasingly popular with teachers and parents for 3 reasons:

  • Virtually every student has a preferred learning style. By providing them with the choice of learning by either watching, listening to, or reading each video presentation, accommodates that preferred learning style.
  • Enabling each child to learn and study at their own speed, makes a significant contribution to enabling each student to achieve their greatest individual potential.
  • Research over the last 30 years has adequately demonstrated that the use of subtitles on video has the ability to significantly improve reading and literacy skills. For the first time, each student can study and improve their reading and literacy skills – simultaneously.


Take a few minutes to visit the Zane Education website and complete the Free Registration for Free Basic Membership. When you have completed the Registration you can then use your Username and Password to Login and review all of the resources provided.

Zane Education provides the use of its online visual learning using an affordable online subscription system. It offers a choice of Memberships from a free basic membership which provides users access to all their free Math video, free use of all the quizzes for the 260 topics, and demo versions of the videos teaching all of their 260 topics.

To use the full versions of Zane Education’s online subtitled videos simply requires an affordable subscription upgrade to a choice of Gold, Silver or Bronze Memberships. This enables the user to use all of the curriculum learning videos available, or choose per subject or per grade. School subscriptions are proved on a quoted basis depending on the number of students at the school.

Zane Education has 12+ years experience in providing free advice and assistance for those working with Special Need Education. CONTACT US using the Contact Page on the Zane Education website.

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