“The principle goal of education in school should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things,
..…… not simply repeating what other generations have done.”
– Jean Piaget –


Zane Publishing Inc., was first established in Texas in 1995. Zane Publishing quickly became one of the largest educational software publishers servicing the K-12 education market in the US. The company published over 260 curriculum-based educational software titles on CD-ROM delivering a comprehensive library of curriculum-based teaching and testing content for 11 subjects.

Zane’s software introduced an innovative self-paced approach to learning. It’s approach to electronic learning combined visual, audio and text components, enabling it to accommodate each of the main preferred learning styles offering significant benefits for classroom, homeschool and special needs students alike. Today an emphasis on Visual Learning continues to provide an ideal learning solution for those students living with Dyslexia and other Special Education needs.


The company was acquired in 1997 by Zane Interactive Publishing Inc., to became a public company. It rapidly developed a position of prominence in homes and schools in the U.S. K-12 education market. Exclusive marketing agreements with the Network Marketing giant – Amway, and UK software entrepreneur Nicholas Tee, resulted in the publishing, distribution and sales of many millions of CD-ROM’s across North America and other countries around the world.

In 2000, after the administrative failures of the previous management, the public company was acquired in a takeover by Nicholas Tee to enable restructuring of the company and an improved and more effective management structure.

Zane Publishing reached an agreement in 2007 to divest it’s entire library of learning content and education materials to independent developer and education publisher ZP Online Publishing Ltd. This enabled the funding and conversion of the educational teaching and testing resources for delivery online, using their own new online learning platform under their brand Zane Education.


Today Zane Publishing continues an important role in education and online learning including education research, consultancy, partnerships and designing concepts and services to improve education in the 21st Century.

As the company continues in its work within the school classroom and homeschooling, it has a special focus on Special Needs Education, the further development of Visual Learning, and the creation of a Life Skills curriculum to ensure that students are more adequately prepared for employment in the 21st Century.

Zane Publishing remains passionately committed to identifying, encouraging, motivating and developing innovative ways in which to meaningfully improve and transform the way we educate future generations, as an improved and more effective alternative to our current 200 year old system of mass-producing education.


Under the control of CEO Nicholas Tee, Zane Publishing enjoys a blend of leadership qualities and entrepreneurial and commercial skills rare in a company operating in the field of education and online learning.

Over the last 35 years he has personally been responsible for starting, developing, operating, acquiring and selling companies in a diverse range of commercial activities ranging from construction and property development and real estate sales, to import and export, technology, software development and distribution, education and online learning. His international experience in the business and corporate world has taken him to New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom where he has developed a hands-on experience driving both private and public companies.

As CEO, Nicholas Tee has come to appreciate that the personal qualities of motivation, commitment, the ability to identify opportunity and innovate, problem-solve, desire to succeed, leadership, and a readiness to adopt a path of continued learning, are essential qualities will always outweigh a reliance on simply academic qualification to achieve success.

His investment and experience in electronic education and online learning since the 1990’s, the implosion of the first dot-com bubble in 2000, and the failure of our education system today to adequately prepare students for employment and careers in the 21st century, have provided him with unique insights as a businessman and entrepreneur. It has provided the motivation to challenge the status quo and identify opportunities that will improve how we educate and prepare our students for their adult lives, and employment in an era of technology that provides both challenge and opportunity.

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