Zane Publishing works to encourage, motivate and support education innovation, ideas and technology in the 21st Century.

First established in 1995, Zane quickly became recognized for it’s unique and comprehensive range of K12 curriculum educational software that enabled and supported self-paced learning for students of all ages.

Today our involvements and activities in education have become more diversified. While we continue to pursue own own projects we also work with others in online learning and Education Technology providing consulting services, in partnerships, and in advisory roles. We are dedicated to innovating education in the 21st century and reforming our current system of mass-producing education. We believe that while academic learning is accepted as the cornerstone of a successful education, the health and mental well-being of every student, and their preparedness to play an active and responsible role in society is equally important.

Our website is provided to help you learn more about Zane Publishing’s activities in the world of education, our approach to innovating education, and our development of an education-to-employment pathway to help better prepare students for careers in the 21st Century and bridge the gap between education and employment.

Our involvements in education innovation include:


Zane Education is a Visual Learning website that provides innovative education K-12 curriculum learning using subtitled online video. Also included are free lesson planning guides and interactive study tools for each of 260+ K-12 curriculum topics across 11 subjects. Online interactive quizzes also provide online testing and assessment for each topic. An ideal online learning solution for Dyslexia and many Special Education Needs. MORE…


Academic qualifications alone are no longer enough to ensure employment and successful adult lives. Employers are increasingly complaining that job applicants are inadequately prepared for employment despite their academic qualifications. Yet the focus in most classrooms remains on academic learning, rather than life-skills students need to lead fruitful adult lives. Zane believes this must change with a more innovative approach. MORE…


In a society that devotes so much time and expenditure to the education of our children in the hope of stimulating individuality, creativity and innovation, we could do so much more to innovate education by identifying and developing the natural skills and talents every child is born with. Instead we continue to use a 250 year old system of mass-producing education where every child is considered the same. We work to change that. MORE …


Zane has a successful history and profile in educational software dating back to the 1990’s, and online learning since 2004. Our practical and academic knowledge and expertise in the domestic and international education markets and online learning is complemented by our entrepreneurial and innovative commercial skills. Zane operates a K-12 education and online learning consulting service that provides that rich blend of resources to clients with aims and interests in this market. MORE …


Zane is an innovative and entrepreneurial business that is always be prepared to consider partnership opportunities with those committed to making a difference in education and online learning. We are a brand first established in the education market in the 1990’s, control a vast resource of online learning teaching and testing content, knowledge and expertise within many sectors of the education market and the international commercial assets and experience. MORE …


Philanthropy has always played an important role in the improvement of education for our young people and future generations. However for the pototential philanthropist, knowing just how and where their financial support can be invested in education to achieve the greatest benefits, requires more than just a desire. Zane provides a support and advisory service for investors and/or philanthropists that have an interest in wanting to make a difference for future generations of our young people. MORE…

If you share our interest and passion for the topic on this page or educational innovation in general, then please contact us using our Contact Page to arrange an introductory conversation.